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Trying to get a Life

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So last saturday was the big thing at the docs also know as Decadance.

The fashion show was incredible as expected but the music throughout the night sucked ass usual.

It was very humurous to play JT's Sexyback to start it off, I really enjoyed that

I took a rechargeable disposable camera with me but my friend lost one of the film rolls. Oh well, i got some cute ones with my cell phone.

I sent Daddy some during the party, im glad he liked the look i planned for the party.

In terms of playing, lets just say it was a good thing i had a session on friday at the Dungeon because my bum is so bruised right now that i can barely sit or walk even.

It was all part of my upcoming birthday, since i work the actual day i decided to make that night special. I got everything i wanted for my outfit and got my hair and makeup done.

I felt really pampered, it was nice...

I wish Daddy was already here or that he lived close enough to see him often

Today i spent it mostly indoors, only went out to develope the film and now i have to finish cleaning before bed, im so tired i didnt get much sleep last night or this morning.

Tomorrow's its back to work but i feel like the weekend wasnt long enough to do everything i had to do.

Another week starts....
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Very long day at work and as usual i get home at midnight, dead tired

Tomorrow im supose to go to the gym...itll be my first time in a very long time, i hope i can get into shape. I know Sir would like that very much.

He has sent me money to buy a webcam and soon enough he'll be able to see me at his command.

Looking pretty 24/7 is always a challenge for anyone, i hope i can keep up with it...

Lately i havent gotten any sessions at the dungeon which worries me a lot and its been over a month since i got a session actually. I wish i was the favorite, i really need the money for school.

Its late i should go to bed...

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I know i should be writing about at least what has happened this summer but i just can't seem to get around to talking about Mistress S and all the parties I've been to.

Its been a very different first half of the year, that's for sure...5 more classes to graduate but for now, not much to do...

Anyway, I guess for those of you who maintain the sites related to BDSM and Toronto....I dont see why you should have anything against someone who just started posting. We all need time to get the hang of it. I do have other journals, more personal ones. But this journal is Scarlett's Journal, come to think of it, i should change the tittle to that.

I'm a 21 year old switch and that's all i'll say for now, no fun in letting it all out at once...

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lately i feel like i could even sell my soul to the devil, no questions asked, lol....Ive lost my pride

im not even sure thats a bad thing

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